Liberty Water Gap Trail

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Hudson to Essex County Crossings

Section 3:  Jersey City to Newark (Official PATH Route)

TO:  PATH TRAIN STATION (Newark Penn Station)
DISTANCE:  Approximately 6 miles

Section 3:  Jersey City to Newark (Unofficial)


NOTE:  The following route is NOT currently endorsed by the Liberty Water Gap Trail Steering Committee.
Rather it is presented here merely as an interesting option to those who seek a more adventurous alternative
to simply boarding the PATH train to get from Jersey City to Newark.  It is expected (hoped) that the
NJ Dept of Transportation will soon make the necessary improvements to the Lincoln Highway sidewalks
to make this route safe enough to erect signage that establishes it as the official route. 
But until that time, those who attempt this route are urged to exercise caution.  The sidewalk is broken
and overgrown with weeds in spots, which complicates a route that is often within a few feet of fast moving highway traffic.
However, for those who refrain from wreckless pedestrian behavior, this route offers an extremely unique experience,
including some surprisingly pretty vistas of Newark Bay, as well as end-to-end walk through the Ironbound section
of Newark, one of the most unique and interesting points of interest in that city.

The trail winds its way through Lincoln Park and crosses over Route 440 on an automobile/bike bridge into the Lincoln Park West wildlife preserve.
Here it winds its way along a gravel path for about 1/2 mile, passing several very attractive ponds and brooks.
The trail comes out onto the north side of the Lincoln Highway (Rte 1&9) through an opening in the Lincoln Park West fence adjoining a
baseball field.  From here it traverses a weedy path for several hundred yards and crosses over the Hackensack River bridge using the catwalk
on the bridge's north side.  There are great views of Newark Bay to the south and the Hudson River meadowlands to the north.
After crossing the bridge, the trail continues for several hundred feet to Hackensack Avenue, where it takes advantage of a traffic-light-governed
intersection to cross over to the south side of the highway.

The trail passes the Hudson County Correctional Institute and then crosses the Passaic River Bridge, nearly identical to its sister slightly to its east.
Just beyond the Passaic River the trail follows down a vehicular ramp to cross Doremus Avenue, Newark at a traffic light. Turning left it continues
along the outside of a curving ramp leading north and then west to pass under the New Jersey Turnpike, Pulaski Skyway and a railroad bridge.

Hikers should be careful to watch for trucks coming from behind to turn right onto Raymond BLVD the entrance of the
Essex County Resource Recovery Plant/Covanta Energy.

After crossing Raymond Boulevard at a push button light, the trail turns right on a sidewalk and then, keeping to the left, follows onto Ferry Street.
Hayes Park, a small local pool and playground, appears on the right.  The route continues for a couple of miles along Ferry Street, 
through the heart of the Ironbound District of Newark,  a very colorful and interesting commercial and residential community of
predominantly Portuguese heritage.


  • Broad river views from Hackensack and Passaic River bridges
  • Industrial and commercial landscape of South Kearny
  • Pulaski Skyway Bridge
  • The IronBound Section of Newark

Rest Rooms and Parking: Lincoln Park