Tip #3 – License and insurance are a must

Let’s face it. Accidents do happen but if a contractor is injured at the work place that is your home and they are no insured, you will incur his or her medical expenses. Furthermore, the contractor may end up suing you for other damages. To ensure this does not happen, you must insist on hiring a roofing contractor who has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Do not rely on the word of the contractor. Make sure you request for the certificate and take a step further by contacting the insurance carrier. This will help you learn if the certificate is valid or not.

Don’t forget to ensure that the roofing contractor is licensed. Working with unlicensed individuals will place you in a bad position. Not only will the quality of work be undesirable but damage to your home may end up not being repaired because the contractor does not abide to any ethical standards.

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