Tip #1 – Research! Research! And Research some more

As said earlier, the internet has made it easier for home owners to find what they want. Be it a baby product like a bassinet to a roofing contractor, all one has to do is key in a few keywords for example “roofing contractors New York or professional roofers in LA” in the search engine and voila! A million results will be displayed on the computer screen within a matter of seconds.

Here is the problem. Sorting out the results is not easy. It is common for online users to pick websites listed on the first page of the search engine. What you ought to know is that you may end up with a contractor who provides poor service. To sort out the best from the scammers, verify the roofer’s contact information. You can consult the Chamber of Commerce to know more about the contractor.

As you sort the good from the bad, make sure to write down the contact information of those you have verified. Don’t forget to read customer reviews on BBB, Yelp and social media pages.

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