Eight trail segments, each with its own distinct character…

Is the LWGT bikeable?

While most of it is, there are long stretches where biking is either very difficult (e.g. the western half of
the Patriots Path) or prohibited (the Essex County reservations along the Lenape Trail). For this reason,
for those attempting to traverse its entire length, hiking is really the only practical means to travel.

– Is it fully opened?

While the component trails that comprise the LWGT are all essentially complete, ‘overlay’ signage for
the LWGT itself has not been installed. So while one can navigate by following trail markers for the components,
it is the connections between trails that can be problematic. While progress is being made, coordinating signage
along a trail comprised of so many segments remains a challenge and a definitive date for completion of such
signage is still not available as of the time of this update (February 2015).

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